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I guess I should really explain to you all that I am a teenage girl living in the US. But that just makes me think that some creeper will come and find me. So perhaps I should really explain that I am a slightly paranoid person.


i just had a huge moment of realisation in this lecture and need to tell you all right now. in the film I Am Legend, Will Smith watches the film Shrek. this means that dreamworks animation studios exists in this universe. this would mean that the film Shark Tale, in which Will Smith voices an animated fish also exists in the I Am Legend universe and I’m not sure what this means


Showing my favourite movie to my friends


So I turn on the TV and what comes on? Dobby’s last scene in the deathly hallows. So I begin to say in a very Gollum like voice, “LIES! DOBBY LIVES! DOBBY LIVES!”


when ur family come over for dinner and ask what youve been up to



One of the few things I haven’t minded about Frozen's success is the fact that it's helped Idina Menzel make a stronger leap from stage-fame to more mainstream-fame than the film version of RENT or her stint on Glee did.

Still, while “Let it Go” is a decent song - largely because of Idina’s powerhouse voice - it’s basically a poor man’s “Defying Gravity”.

So those of you who love “Let it Go” but have yet to hear the original Broadway recording of “Defying Gravity”, listen and experience a powerful, life-changing eargasm.

#let it go is like 7 year old hobo clothes that have been pissed on by a dog several times#and defying gravity is rihannas swarovski crystal dress

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i saw a gifset and ended up watching the entire show: a novel by me